Myga, Adult Yoga Duo Dice.


  • Fun introduction to yoga
  • Portable
  • Soft, lightweight material

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A super fun yoga game for everybody, beginners and advanced Yogis alike. Move the body, practice mindfulness, build stronger communication and intimacy in relationships and explore 12 different partner yoga poses and 6 action cues.

Simply roll the action dice along with one or two pose dice and perform the action along with the position on the pose dice together with your loved ones.

Soft and lightweight, the foam material means the dice are perfect for travel. Take along to the gym, a games night with friends to mix up your yoga practice and have some fun.

The set contains 2 pose dice and 1 action dice. The red dice is designed for beginners, the grey dice for advanced Yogis and those who want to try a new challenge.

The perfect activity for friends and couples to expand their comfort zone together, strengthen their relationships and build trust.- For couples and friends
– Great Yoga gift
– Soft, lightweight foamy material
– Creative design
– 12 different postures
– 6 Beginner Yoga Poses
– 6 Advanced Yoga Poses
– Partner poses
– Building communication
– Bonding through Yoga
– Play with other couples
– Portable

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