Myga, Large Yoga Pose Cards. Perfect Yoga Gift!


    • Perfect Yoga Gift.
    • Suitable for all ages and abilities.
    • Eco Friendly Packaging.

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Are you looking for the the perfect Yoga Gift? Look no further!

Whether you are a yoga newbie, or an experience Yogi these Yoga Pose cards can add some real variety to your yoga routine. With 70 unique illustrated poses are included these cards are a fantastic way to encourage yourself into trying new poses.

Using these cards you can channel your inner yogi with poses such as Full Lotus, Half Lord of the Fishes, and the Downward Facing Dog all included. These Yoga Cards are designed to help you create a truly personalised yoga routine.

In order to get the best out of them, simply lay the cards of your choice down next to your yoga mat and then you can have a visual aid to assist you in learning your new pose.

Created with teachers and yogis of all ages in mind. This 70 card, Myga Pose pack is divided into 3 asana (pose) categories.
* Green cards feature standing poses
* Blue cards are seated poses
* Pink cards are lying down poses.

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