Myga, Gripped Full Toe Grip Socks. Maximise Grip Ideal For Yoga or Pilates

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    • Great for Yoga and Pilates.
    • Full Toe Coverage, Yoga Socks
    • Made With Non-Slip Silicone Under Feet Grip.


Stay present during your yoga practice with the support of Myga’s low cut, full cover separated toe socks. The Gripped Yoga Socks are lightweight and high grip made from breathable fabric, designed specifically with Yoga And Pilates in mind.

Benefits Of Toe Seperated socks:
The toe separators enables increased flexibility and control for greater balance, as they allow each individual toe to contribute towards your overall balance. While your toes are separated and spread, your body weight is distributed evenly and this allows your entire foot to be engaged during your practice.

They are not only a great prop to ensure a safe non-slip yoga practice, they are also the perfect option for those who are uncomfortable being barefoot. Perfect to walk around the yoga studio, these socks prevent you from nasty germs and dust while guaranteeing a non-slip yoga practice on your yoga mat.

Myga have created a highly versatile gripped toe sock, and though they are designed with Yoga And Pilates in mind, they can be used across Ballet, Dance and Gymnastics Also as they non-slip silicone grippers will offer up additional grip. Being made up in four sizes in a nice black design makes these grip socks truly unisex.

Made from:
65% Cotton, 13% Spandex, 8% Rubber Elastane, 14% Silica Gel these Myga toe separated socks keep your feet fresh, and comfortable.

Care Instructions:
They are easy-care, simply turn them inside out and pop them in the wash on a low temperature on a gentle cycle.

What size should I get?
Shoe Size 2-4 = Small
Shoe Size 5-7 = Medium
Shoe Size 7-9 = Large
Shoe Size 9-11 = Extra large

Would you prefer a pair of grip socks that do not separate your toes?

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Extra large, Large, Medium, Small

Yoga Socks

Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Small 2-4 34-37
Medium 5-7 38-40
Large 7-9 41-43
Extra Large 9-12 44-47

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