Phoenix Fitness, Quick Release & Durable Standard Barbell Collars (pair)


    • Improve Weight Stability For A Safer Lift.
    • Standard 1″ (inch) Barbell Only.
    • Quick Release Locking Motion.


Secure your weight plates with these Quick Release and Durable Standard (1 inch) Barbell Collars by Phoenix Fitness.

Made from high grade, anti-shatter plastic, finished off with a non-slip inner and quick release clip these Standard Barbell collars are suitable for any 1 inch (25mm) standard barbell home gym set ups.

These quick release standard barbell collars will clamp your weight plates to most 1 inch barbell’s with a vice like grip. Often referred to as barbell clamps, or weight plate clamps, all barbell collars are designed with one intention and that is to securely fastened your weight plates to the barbell.

The internal non-slip grip not only prevents sliding weights but also reduces shock on high impact heavy lifts, liming the vibration of plates whilst these collars are securely fastened.

How much do barbell collars weigh?
The Phoenix Fitness Olympic Barbell collars are super lightweight and weight approximately 250 grams. They will add limited weight to the overall bar, so traditionally wouldn’t add these to the total weight lifted.

We also sell the Olympic barbell equivalent:  

You may prefer the traditional Olympic Barbell spring loaded collars:

Spring Loaded Stainless Steel Olympic Barbell Collar

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