Spring Loaded Stainless Steel Olympic Barbell Collar


    • Sold In Pairs
    • Spring Loaded Squeeze Barbell Collar
    • Suitable For All 2″ Olympic Barbells

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Spring Loaded Stainless Steel Collars are the cheapest way to secure your weight plates to the bar, and arguably just as effective as quick release barbell collars.

Ultimately when making a decision on finding the right collars for you the primary objective is and always will be securing the weight plates to your bar and these most definitely achieve that.

Made from high-grade stainless steel, you can crunch these barbell collars as tight as you like and they will not break. When you release your grip the collar will return to its original design and clamp to your barbell perfectly.

Are Spring Loaded Collars considered “Quick release” ?
No. Spring loaded collars are not considered quick release as it does require a firm squeeze to release them, and if you have just done a particular taxing set on the barbell, your strength will be depleted and you are unlikely to be in a position to squeeze the spring loaded collar hard enough or long enough to release the collar in one motion. Certainly at the start of your workouts you will be fine to grip and rip them off with ease, but they can’t be considered quick release as that would be dependent on the level of grip fatigue you experience.

If you are looking for Quick Release Olympic Barbell Collars we do have the Phoenix Fitness, Quick Release & Durable Olympic Barbell Collars (pair):

Phoenix Fitness, Quick Release & Durable Olympic Barbell Collars (pair)


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