Phoenix Fitness, Mobility and Yoga Block

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  • Lightweight, ideal for travel
  • Made from high density EVA Foam
  • Non-slip and sweat resistant

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The Phoenix Fitness Mobility and Yoga Block will allow you to gradually increase your mobility by safely deepening your stretches, preventing discomfort but allowing you to improve your stretch.

These yoga blocks are ultra light, making them the ideal travel companion. Made from high density EVA Foam they are moisture proof, odour resistant and non slip.

In time the use of the yoga block will improve not just your stretch, but also your flexibility as well as your balance.

Made from high density foam, these yoga block make fantastic props to help you reach those more difficult poses.

What is a Yoga Block designed for?
A Yoga Block is designed as a Yoga-Aid. The primary purpose of a yoga block is to assist the user in getting the maximum out of the pose, or stretch they are targeting. Often used behind the knee when performing a dragon fly pose, or placed under your bottom when performing the pigeon pose, the yoga block will ensure you safely perform the pose and offer up a resistance should you lose balance.

Is a Yoga Block for beginners only?
Absolutely not. We all have our limitation, and whether it be through a lack of activity, or through your body being unnecessarily tight we can all at times lose a level of flexibility. A Yoga Block can then aid you in getting your pose completed. Equally a Yoga Block will be used by more experienced Yogi’s when attempting new poses to ensure they do not over extend during their practice.

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