Phoenix Fitness, Body Balance Board – Non-Slip Training Balance Board Perfect for Core Strength, Balance, Stability, and Coordination

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    • Enhance your focus levels, and body awareness
    • Improve your core strength
    • Warm up your whole-body not just the main moving muscles
    • Suitable for children, and adults.

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Do you want a fun, convenient and easy way to train improve your balance and coordination at home?

Look no further than the Phoenix Fitness, body balance board. Ideal for training your core balance. Perfect for Core Strength, rehabilitation, Stability, Physio Therapy and Coordination. This non-slip, centrally weighted balance board is 33mm from the ground making it easy to store behind your sofa, down the side of your bed or in a cupboard.

Suitable for those who are looking to improve their balance and stability, improve core strength or tone up their leg muscles.

Balance boards can often be referred to as wobble boards as a result of the motion they can wobble all over the place when you are not focused or concentrated. Popular in rehabilitation centres, but by no means just for rehabilitation the benefits of a balance board can be tremendous as they engage not just the main moving muscles but the need for stability to create balance, you will also be engaging those secondary muscle groups, ligaments, and warming those joints.

What is the benefit of a balance board?
A balance board is an affordable, and really easy way to add variety and difficulty to your home workouts. The benefits to having a balance board either at home, in your home gym, or even at your gym can be enormous. At Buds Fitness we would recommend that if you are someone who plays a sports like football, ice hockey, or rugby which requires a quick turn of pace or agility that you regularly use a balance board to do variations of lunges, and squats. This will provide strength to your ligaments and strengthen your joints.

* 35cm by 35cm.
* 360° Movement
* Textured Non Slip Surface.
* The recommended maximum applied weight is 95kg

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 6 × 37 × 37 cm

Black / Orange

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