Phoenix Fitness, Anti-Roll Hexagonal Heavy Duty Rubber Dumbbells


    • Heavy Duty Hexagonal Design Dumbbells
    • Made With Anti-Roll, Non-Slip TPU
    • Sold As Pairs!
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Heavy Duty Hexagonal Dumbbells have become staples of most home gyms, independent gyms, and commercial gym’s a like.

Made with a stainless steel knurled handle with cast iron end coated with thick layer of anti-crack TPU rubber. The benefits of the TPU coating meaning that not only will they be durable, but they are also shock absorbing whilst adding a great level of noise reduction when dropped.

The hexagonal design ensures that these weights will not roll away between sets, no matter how uneven your flooring is.

These dumbbells will not look out of place in any fitness environment, whether you are looking to train alone doing a home workout, coaching a fitness, or running an independent gym.

What is TPU Rubber?
TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane and combines the best properties from thermoplastic and rubber. The TPU is a flexible material that is smooth to touch, offers high wear resistance and has exceptional impact resistance properties meaning it will protect the cast-iron inner construction of these dumbbells no matter the height they are dropped from.

What sizes do they come in?
At Buds Fitness we are currently ranging 5kg pairs, 10kg pairs, 15kg pairs and 20kg pair.

Are you looking for something lighter?
If you are looking for some lighter weight alternatives that still come with the durability and anti-roll designs we also offer Neoprene Dumbbells;

Phoenix Fitness, Anti-Roll Hexagonal Heavy Duty Rubber Dumbbells

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10kg – Pair (20kg), 15kg – Pair (30kg), 20kg – Pair (40kg), 5kg – Pair (10kg)

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