Phoenix Fitness, Neoprene Dumbbell Weight In Pink.


    • Buy Individually Or As Pairs!
    • Cast-Iron Construction With Soft-Grip Neoprene Rubber Finish.
    • Ideal For Home Use, Neoprene Coating Protects Surfaces.
    • Hygienic, Easy-To-Clean Neoprene Coating.


These striking pink dumbbells have a premium finish and provide versatility to your workouts to improve your strength, fitness and overall health.

Phoenix Fitness, Neoprene Dumbbells are perfect for home workouts as they are small in size, with stunning ergonomic design and easy to use. Use them for warm-ups or physiotherapy exercises these 1kg and 2kg dumbbells are perfect for women and children.

With their Ergonomic Grip, these Phoenix Fitness 1kg and 2kg Dumbbells are designed to support your hands grip whilst offering offer extra comfort during your workout. Finished with a striking pink neoprene foam soft grip coating, these hand weights are easy to clean.

Do not be deceived by the neoprene-coated exterior, the internal core of these weights are heavy-duty cast-iron. Often you can buy cheap dumbbells and they will be vinyl-coated dumbbells, and tend to be filled with concrete or sand which can easily crack and deteriorate over time. No such worry with these neoprene hand weights are built to last with it’s cast iron inner.

Having the option to training with lighter weights like the 1kg and 2kg dumbbells will enable you to have a more targeted workout.
Being lighter, the target  (primary) muscles can handle the weight meaning you are not using secondary muscle groups to support the load. You will quite often see professional sporting athletes use these types of weights for shadow boxing or running drills to recreate / replicate the sensation of fatigue making these ideal for endurance training.

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"1kg – Single", "2kg Single", "1kg – Pair", "2kg – Pair"

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