Myga, Yoga Wheel. Sturdy and Non Slip Yoga Wheel. Ideal for Flexibility, Back Bends, and Deepening your poses.


    • Durable And Robust TPE Plastic Inner.
    • Lightweight Yoga Essential Prop.
    • Thick Foam Padded Finish For Comfort.

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Take your practice to the next level with a Myga Yoga Wheel. An exercise prop great for Back Pain, Yoga Poses, Pilates, Stretches, Backbend Inversions and Bridge Position – Improves Flexibility, Balance and Core Strength.

In the modern world we spend so much time sat down. Whether that be in a desk job, driving a car, commuting to our place of work or even just watching TV. All this sitting down can have an adverse effect on our spinal health and our posture. In order to recover some of the damage being done the introduction of Yoga or Pilates will obviously help, however even as a standalone product a Yoga Wheel can be fantastic for your spinal health.

An incredibly light weight prop, but oh so durable. The Myga Yoga wheel will soon become an essential part of your yoga practice. This yoga wheel comes with a stunning design printed on top of its thick foam outer surface.

The dense foam outer surface ensures the strength and rigidity within the inner wheel is softened for comfort and provides exceptional grip.

What are the top three benefits to using a Yoga Wheel?
1. It will allow you to open up the possibility of trying more challenging poses safely, and gradually.

2. A yoga wheel allows you to simultaneously extend and flex your spine. With its wide contact surface your spine can experience guided extensions which will help form a healthier spine.

3. Help to ease aches and pains. Not only exceptional for spinal health, but you can also diminish aches in your abdomen, chest and hips by carrying out some basic roll outs on a yoga wheel.

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