Myga, Extra Large Yoga Alignment Mat – Cork

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  • Eco Friendly.
  • High performance.
  • Made from natural materials..

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Myga Cork Yoga Mat – Extra Large Exercise Mat with Great Grip for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and Fitness – Eco-Friendly Natural Cork, ideal for Home & Gym.

This high performance yoga mat is made with 6mm thickness making it both support and comfortable for a variety of practices.

The natural cork surface provides a natural grip, while the underside is lines with thick TPE meaning you will experience no slips, even with the more intense sessions.

100% recyclable, and eco friendly. The cork is made of bark from an Oak Tree and features anti bacterial properties.

What is the benefit of an alignment mat, over a standard yoga mat?
An alignment mat is useful at all levels, however it is particularly useful for beginners as the alignment lines will help guide you with your posture and alignment throughout your practice. Using an alignment mat as a beginner or a master yogi the alignment markers will help you become more aware of your body, will improve your practice whilst potentially preventing injuries or future discomfort.

What does it mean by EXTRA LARGE Yoga Mat?
A standard yoga mat is traditionally 60cm wide, and 182 long. The EXTRA LARGE yoga mats are in fact 70cm wide, and 205cm long. This allow your extra space for your yoga practice. So in effect you will be benefiting from an extra 10cm in width and 23cm length using an EXTRA LARGE Yoga Mat over a traditional mat. This can be particularly useful if you are over 5ft 8inchs in height.

As used at Buds Fitness HQ along with the Myga Toe Separated Socks:

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