Phoenix Fitness, Adjustable Hand Gripper (single)

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    • Easy and Discreet To Use
    • Ideal Grip Training For A Beginner
    • Thoroughly Adjustable From 5kg – 60kg

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Build Your Grip!

An adjustable hand gripper is a great training tool to add some grip training into your routine. Use on the go, or whilst at your desk, convenient and discreet.

The compact design allows you to keep this hand gripper in your coat pocket, or within the pouch on your hoodie, and allow you to train your grip whilst on public transport, in a boring meeting, or even on a walk.

EASY TO USE – Simply pick and grip.

Ideal grip tool for a beginner lifter and recovery rehabilitation.

What does it mean by “adjustable” hand gripper?
The adjustable element refers to the spring loaded top piece. The heavy duty spring is attached to a slim runner that is adjusted by spinning the adjustable know on the front of the hand gripper. This allows you to set the grip settings from 5kg – 60kg.

** Please note, these are sold as singles. If you’d like a pair (one for each hand) then please order 2 units **

Are you looking for a more complete set, we also sell a five piece set that is outstanding value for money:

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm

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