Phoenix Fitness, 1L Drinks Hydration Water Bottle.

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  • No Spill, No Leak – Screw cap lid.
  • Easy to hold.
  • BPA-Free
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Need a Large Water Bottle?
This stunning 1 litre water bottle comes complete with leakproof technology.

No Spill, No Leak, this Phoenix Fitness drinks water bottle comes with a secure strap for the stainless steel screw cap lid so there is no need to worry about the bottle leaking onto your clothes or belongings. With it’s ultra wide mouth, you are able to add you scoops of pre-workout, electrolytes or any other supplement you may wish to add. The ultra wide opening also makes it ideal for adding squash, or ice cubes through the summer.

Hydration is essential especially during your fitness workouts. Exercise with the Phoenix Fitness drink bottle to keep your water levels topped up and healthy. Our BPA-Free, DEHP-Free plastic bottle is also environmentally friendly.

Whether you are on the move, cycling, running, walking, hiking or in the gym. Our bottle is an ideal companion as it has a large handle which makes it very easy to hold and carry with you.

A light workout or a rigorous training session, with Phoenix Fitness it doesn’t matter. The large 1L bottle will keep you well hydrated throughout your daily exercise and activity.

Not just a gym bottle. You can use it as a multi purpose water bottle for work, school, college, university and of course your outdoor sports. Time for a water break!

Can I put Ice in this bottle?
Yes. The large mouth at the top of the bottle is ideal for putting large ice cubes in.

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