Myga, Cork Yoga, Pilates, Fitness & Exercise Mat


    • Cork Is A Naturally Hypo-Allergenic Material.
    • Non-slip, Easy Wipe Surface and High Grip, Rubber Bottom.
    • Top Surface Crafted With All-Natural Cork

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The Myga Cork Yoga, Pilates, Fitness & Exercise Mat for Men and Women is not just environmentally sensitive but also comfortable, stable and supportive feel beneath your hands and feet.

Made With Natural Cork this yoga mat is a sustainable yoga companion. Cork is naturally hypo-allergenic and breathable and does not absorb water and sweat. The non-slip cork surface and high grip rubber bottom provide excellent stability on any surface, allowing for effortless transitions between poses. Crafted with an all-natural cork top & rubber bottom, the Myga Yoga Cork Yoga, Pilates, Fitness & Exercise mat is kinder to the environment and designed with sustainability in mind.

The 2mm thick yoga mat weighs only 1.73kg making it lightweight and is easy to roll up, which lends itself to travel and home use. Take it with you to the gym, yoga studio, or on holiday!

Myga’s natural cork yoga mat is a must-have for all types of yoga, but is especially great for hot yoga. The corks grip increases with moisture and heat as you sweat, offering superior traction and giving you the confidence to reach new heights with your yoga practice!

Why buy a CORK Yoga Mat?
Cork is a 100% Sustainable material. In order to produce cork based products manufactures can strip bar off the Cork Oak Trees, and the tree will live on.

Cork is also known to naturally repel odours, whilst emitting a subtle wooden fragrance that is barely detectable.

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