Phoenix Fitness, Adjustable & Foldaway Weight Lifting Bench

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    • Compact Foldaway Weight Training Bench
    • Ideal For Home-Gym Use
    • Rated to 800lb’s (362kg)


Fully adjustable weight lifting bench!

The ideal weight training bench for a home-gym with a compact footprint. Not only is this bench fully adjustable, it also folds away allowing you to free up space to train when not in use.

With quick pull and twist leavers you can adjust the weight bench to your desired settings within seconds. Go from incline bench to flat bench in no time at all. Not only does this bench have a fully adjustable back support but the seat itself is also full adjustable meaning that this bench can also be used for anchor supported decline sit ups for the ultimate abdominal work out. Complete with 4 non-slip feet that can be adjusted to suit your surface.

When we say this weight bench is versatile it really is:
* 11 backrest positions
* 7 seat positions
* 4 foot bar positions
* 3 foot pad levels

What weight is the bench rated to?
This bench is rated to 362kg (800lb). The number that a weight training is rated to DOES include your bodyweight, meaning that if you weigh 100kg bench will hold you PLUS 262kg.

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