Playwell, Adjustable Dipping Belt Ideal For Pull Ups and dips


    • Adjustable Dipping Belt
    • Loadable To 200kg
    • One Size Fits Most


Add weight to your dips and pull ups!

This adjustable dipping belt is ideal for pull ups and dips. Made from a thick layer of EVA Foam padding and topped with durable polyester fabric.

Whether you train at home, or train in a gym the Playwell Adjustable Dipping belt can add weight to your existing workout making progressive overload a real opportunity with your dips and pull ups.

Rated to up to 200kg, and the 6″ lumbar support tapers into 4″ around the front where you have sturdy Stainless Steel D-Rings and Carabiners which you attach the 36″ Heavy Duty Chain to.

With the 36″ heavy duty chain this enables you to attach either weight plates or kettle bells making it fully versatile for use at home or in the gym.

Why does the belt taper from 6″ to 4″?
This is to improve hip mobility, as well as provide better flexibility at the front when loading your weight plates, or kettlebell to the chains.

If you are looking for a place to do your dips and pull ups at home then check out the Phoenix Fitness Workout Cage.

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