Phoenix Fitness, Stepper. Adjustable Aerobic Stepper With Non-Slip Surfer & Risers

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    • Easily adjust to two height levels of 10cm & 15cm
    • Fantastic solution for low-impact fat burning
    • Reinforced, non-slip design ensures comfort & safety during use

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A stepper is an amazingly simple way to add variety to your workout and to improve your fitness from such a simple product.

The Phoenix Fitness Stepper is not only easy to assemble, but also easy to adjust. You can simply remove the bottom platform from both sides to take the height from 6″ to 4″.

With a non slip coating to the surface of the reinforced main platform, you are safe to use this stepper inside or outside, but we would always recommend wiping down after use to ensure the product has the longevity intended.

Often referred to as a “Step up” or “Step Platform” the aerobic stepper is regularly seen in fitness classes, and fitness studios as the possibilities are endless with a step platform, and work out variety is out of this world. Whether you are looking to tone and define, or just aiming to get your steps in, a high qualify but affordable aerobic stepper is a must have. Ideal for use at home, within your home gym and can be packed away to be perfect for any stay-cations you may take.

What are the benefits of a step platform?

  • Great for fat burning.
  • Excellent for improving co-ordination and balance.
  • Improves Cardiovascular.
  • Ideal for rehabilitation exercises.
  • Leg, Bottom and Stomach toning.
  • Strengthens Core Stability.

What are the best aerobic stepper exercises?
There is so many excellent exercises you can get done on a Step Up Step Platform like this. Ranging from simple movements like Fast Step Ups, which are exactly what they sound like, where you alternate your feet and effectively step up onto the step plat form one foot at a time. All the way through to more complex movements like Diagonal up and overs. It all depends what your fitness goals are, as to what you believe is the best step up stepper exercise. If you are looking to improve your upper body strength you can use the ends as a great way to perform close grip incline press ups, you can then put your feet on the step and do decline press ups, you can even perform dips and various other press ups using the step up stepper platform.

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