What size boxing gloves should I buy?

Boxing Glove Sizes Explained by Buds Fitness

One of the biggest questions in boxing is, why is there so many different gloves sizes? And what are they for?

Within this blog we will aim to dispel myths and provide an answer that may help you purchase the right gloves for you.

Sparring gloves.
In sparring we would recommend following our size guide which we have provided. This factors in the weight of the fighter that is wearing the gloves. If you are 78kg (approximately 12 stone 3lb) or heavier we would always recommend wearing 16oz gloves to spar, and if you are debating your weight or looking to increase your weight we would always recommending going ups a size.

Fight night gloves?
The answer to this lays within the governing body the fight is licensed by, or on the White Collar scene the answer sits with your fight night promoter.

In our experience White Collar Fight Nights will often take place in 16oz gloves. The reason behind this is that the 16oz gloves offer greater shock absorption, and reducing the risk of head injury and cuts. It is a stance we agree with at Buds Fitness as we find that using 16oz gloves not only protects the fighter receiving the punches but also the additional padding within 16oz glove will protect the fight throwing the punches, and there hands. In order to gain longevity in the sport, prevention is far greater than cure.

If 16oz are safer, why do junior boxing gloves only come in 4oz, 6oz and 8oz?
This is primarily for the reason that Junior boxers require smaller gloves to work with their frame, and the power output they can offer from said frame. Ultimately if you were to stick a pair of 16oz boxing gloves on a 10 year old who is sparring, the gloves would be far oversized, and will offer too much slip and give within the glove regardless of how many layers of boxing wraps you put on there hands.

With this in mind we’d recommend following the size guide for Junior Boxers, and ensure closely monitor there power input in trainer to consider the right time to swap into the next size glove to ensure there hands are protect.

What are the best boxing gloves?


It is right what they say, you get what you pay for. We have never had such an outstanding glove. The level of protection for you fists and your wrists are outstanding. The Quick EZ Hook and Loop closure system is more than just a flashy fastening tool, it also provides extra protection to your wrist through the elasticated inner. Outstanding knuckle protection and nylon mesh palm really does make this the complete glove.