Here Come The Girls'

Date: Sunday 16th June 2024.
Location: Old School Hall, Sawtry.

This was the 2nd leg of the Here Come The Girls’ Strength league, and with many familiar faces from leg 1 in Atherstone, we also welcomed some new faces to Here Come The Girls. These being Ruth Morris, Jade Osman, and Daniela Wallace.

Event 1. Deadlift for reps inside 60 seconds:

Novice 100kg
Masters 120kg
Opens 130kg

CategoryEvent PositionEvent RepsEvent Points
Novice1st Ruth Morris187
Novice2nd Katie Skipper176
Novice*3rd= Ann Diggle163.5
Novice*3rd= Daniella Wallace 163.5
Novice*3rd= Jade Osman163.5
Novice*3rd= Marie Pilcher163.5
Novice7th Ronique121
Masters1st Suzy Reynolds102
Masters2nd Reb61
Opens1st Georgia Darlison82
Opens2nd Kelly Roberts61
Katie Skipper making 100kg look light work as she see's 17 reps secure second place in the first event of the day.

Event 2. Axle Overhead Press. Three nominated lifts

Novice – Opening weight 30kg
Masters – Opening weight 35kg
Opens – Opening weight 40kg
Athletes then had the chance to nominate three lifts. Numbers shared below includes the athletes heaviest completed lift, which is the weight used for the scoring system

CategoryEvent PositionHeaviest liftEvent Points
Novice1st Jade Osman70kg7
Novice*2nd= Katie Skipper60kg5.5
Novice*2nd= Ronique60kg5.5
Novice*4th= Ann Diggle 55kg3
Novice*4th= Daniella Wallace55kg3
Novice*4th= Ruth Morris55kg3
Novice7th Marie Pilcher52.5kg1
Masters1st Suzy Reynolds57.5kg2
Masters2nd Reb50kg1
Opens1st Georgia Darlison70kg2
Opens2nd Kelly Roberts40kg1
Kelly Roberts securing her opening lift despite carrying a shoulder injury.

Event 3 – Tyre Flip for reps inside 60 seconds

Each category was allowed to chose between 3 tyres.
Small – 80kg
Medium – 120kg
Large – 200kg
** Each athlete selected the 120kg tyre on the day.

CategoryEvent PositionRepsEvent Points
Novice*1st= Ann Diggle146
Novice*1st= Daniella Wallace146
Novice*1st= Jade Osman146
Novice2nd Katie Skipper 134
Novice*3rd= Ronique122.5
Novice*3rd= Ruth Morris122.5
Novice7th Marie Pilcher111
Masters1st Suzy Reynolds152
Masters2nd Reb91
Opens1st Georgia Darlison92
Opens2nd Kelly Roberts81
Jade Osman taking a joint 1st place on the tyre flip event.

Event 4 – Mystery Grip Event

60 seconds to complete 4 individual grip implements.
10kg – Coin Grip to pallet.
12.5kg – Plate Grip to pallet.
20kg – Block Pinch to pallet.
30kg – Rolling Thunder to pallet.

CategoryEvent PositionImplement
& Time
Event Points
Novice1st Jade Osman 4 in 12.27 sec7
Novice2nd Daniella Wallace2 in 5.43 sec6
Novice3rd Ruth Morris2 in 7.83 sec5
Novice4th Ann Diggle 2 in 11.94 sec4
Novice5th Katie Skipper2 in 13.89 sec3
Novice6th Ronique2 in 14.29 sec2
Novice7th Marie Pilcher2 in 47.031
Masters1st Suzy Reynolds2 in 5.8 sec2
Masters2nd Reb00
Opens1st Kelly Roberts4 in 32.14 sec2
Opens2nd Georgia Darlison1 in 3.53 sec1
Ann Diggle making the coin implement float in mid air

5th Event. Strength Register, Sandbag to shoulder.

Novice – 40kg
Masters – 50kg
Opens – 60kg

CategoryEvent PositionRepsEvent Points
Novice1st Katie Skipper127
Novice2nd Marie Pilcher116
Novice*3rd= Ann Diggle104.5
Novice*3rd= Jade Osman104.5
Novice5th Ronique Collingwood93
Novice6th Daniella Wallace82
Novice7th Ruth Morris41
Masters1st Suze Reynolds82
Masters2nd Reb12
Opens1st Georgia Darlison42
Opens2nd Kelly Roberts00
Georgia Darlison enjoying her fourth rep infront of a fully supportive crowd at Here Come The Girls in Sawtry.

Event Final Standings

CategoryPositionNameTotal Points
Novice1st Jade Osman28
Novice2ndKatie Skipper25.5
Novice3rdAnn Diggle21
Novice 4thDaniela Wallace20.5
Novice5thRuth Morris18.5
Novice6thMarie Pilcher16.5
Novice7thRonique Collingwood14.5
Masters1stSuzanne Reynolds10
Opens1stGeorgia Darlinson9
Opens2ndKelly Roberts5
Photo of all athletes together at the end of the day.

I would like to take a moment to thank each and every athlete for signing up and taking part in a historic day for Sawtry, as this was the first ever Strongwomen competition to take place in the village.

Thank you to all the spectators that came along to cheer on the girls.

Thank you to Ash from AL Fitness in Atherstone, as well as Hannah Fitzgerald and Kim Parish of Nova Performance in St Ives.

Final thank you must go to my wife, mum, step dad, and children for making the event a truly family effort.

The 3rd and final leg will take place on Sunday 8th September, full details can be found at the below link: