St Ives, Here Come The Girls - 3

Sunday 8th September 2024—10am-4pm £40.00
Here come the girls - St Ives

About St Ives, Here Come The Girls - 3

The third and final event of Here Come The Girls 2024 is from St Ives Cambridgeshire.

Hosted by Hannah Fitzgerald of Nova Performance

Event 1 – Max Deadlift for kg 3 attempts. 60 seconds per attempt.

First attempt must be equal to or greater than 90kg for all weight classes. You may skip incremental weight increases. (For example, you may open at 120kg, then go to 140kg, then 160kg.)

Normal bar. Bar weight is 20kg.

Straps, wraps, belts ok.
No suits allowed.

Next attempt must be nominated immediately after each successful rep and cannot be subsequently changed.

Rising bar in 10kg jumps.

2-minute rest if you follow yourself.

Event 2 – Axle Floor To Overhead for reps in 60 seconds

Novice – 30 or 40kg 
* One rep on 40kg beats any number of reps on 30kg.
** You must choose your starting weight 30kg or 40kg before so we can set up the bar.

Masters – 45kg

Under 73’s -50kg

Opens -55kg

Axle will be cleaned from the floor and belt cleans allowed.

Event 3 – Truck Pull (harness) for time

VOLVO XC90 or similar.
Approximately 2 tonnes.

20m Pull

Quickest time wins.

*Please note this event will be omitted in case of inclement weather.

Event 4 – Mystery Object Moving Medley for total weight moved Variety of objects ranging in weight from 30-80kg to be moved 10m.

Total amount of weight moved in 60-seconds will be scored not the number of items.
Only items over the line count.
No split times.
No distance of final item.
Only 1 item at a time.

Items to include a choice from:
* 30kg medicine ball
* 40kg sandbag
* 45kg keg
* 50kg per hand farmers
* 60kg sandbag
* 70kg cube sandbag
* 75kg slab sandbag
* 80kg duckwalk (athlete responsible for adjusting handle height)

Event 5 – Throwing Bag Run Inside 60 seconds.

Novice – 5kg /7kg / 9kg / 11kg

Masters – 5kg / 7kg / 9kg / 11kg

Under 73 – 7kg / 9kg / 11kg / 13kg

Open – 7kg / 9kg / 11kg / 13kg

Bag successfully thrown over height of approximately 12-feet.

Fastest time wins. If incomplete after 60 seconds, number of successful throws is scored.

Bag resting still on top of frame counts as over, even if it later falls on the wrong side of the frame.

Event 6 – Stone to shoulder for reps

Novice – 30 or 40kg 
* One rep on 40kg beats any number of reps on 30kg.

Masters – 50kg

Under 73’s – 60kg

Open’s – 60kg

Atlas stone must be returned to a crash pad before attempting next rep.
Stone must be fully on the shoulder, supported with hand.
Other hand must be away from the stone.
Clear space at armpit under the stone, with the elbow away from the body.

Tacky allowed

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Finding us

Address: Unit 9, Enfield Court, Nuffield Rd, St. Ives