Sawtry - Here Come The Girls, 2

Sunday 16th June 2024—10am-4pm £40.00
Here come the girls Sawtry

About Sawtry - Here Come The Girls, 2

This is event 2 of 3 in the Here Comes the Girls, Strength League.

9am – Doors Open
930am – Rules Meeting
10am – First Lift.

Here Comes The Girls – 2 is hosted by Buds Fitness

Here come the girls’ – Sawtry

Sawtry is leg 2 of 3, of the women’s only strength league that is co promoted with ALFitness and Nova Performance.

Though this is a league, you are able to enter them individually and compete in them as solo events.

All entries must be made through

Events for leg 2 of Here Come the Girls’ – Sawtry are:

Event 1 – Deadlift For Reps (Standard deadlift bar – 60 seconds)
Novice – 100kg
Under 73kg & Masters – 120kg
Opens – 130kg

Event 2 – MAX Axle overhead (Three nominated lifts)
Opening weights:
Novice – 30kg
Under 73’s & Masters – 35kg
Opens – 40kg

Event 3 – Tyre flip for reps
Three separate weight tractor tyres to pick from.
****** All weight classes have the same free tyres to choose from *******

1 rep at heaviest weight beats multiple reps at lightest weight.

Event 4 – Mystery Grip Event!
Grip to Pallet – Fastest time wins. 
***** All weight classes at the same weight. *****
Coin 10kg
Pinch Plate 12.5kg
Block – 20kg
Rolling Thunder – 30kg 

Event 5 – Sandbag to shoulder
Novice – 40kg
Unders 73kg & Masters – 50kg
Opens – 60kg

Spectators are FREE.

Entry to the individual event is £40

Entry to the Strength League is £90, for all three events. 
***** £30 SAVING ***** To enter all three.

Finding us

Sawtry Village Hall, Green End Rd, Sawtry, Huntingdon PE28 5UY, UK