Deadlifts over depression - The Events

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About Deadlifts over depression - The Events

Deadlifts Over Depression – The events are epic events created to bring together like-minded people to raise money and awareness for mental health, whilst promoting the benefits of exercise and encouraging people to get more active, with all profit from the event going directly to mental charities.

After being inspired by Danny Brumpton’s Deadlifts Over Depression Brand and following his own personal mental health experience Liam approached the aspiring stongman Danny Brumpton, and Deadlifts over Depression Founder about creating Deadlifts Over Depression – The Events. As you can see Danny loved the concept and the event’s were born.

In 2022 Deadlifts Over Depression went to Atherstone and raised almost £500

In 2023 it went to a village south Peterborough called Sawtry in Cambridgeshire and the one day event raised almost £3000.

Now in 2024 there are plans to introduce the Deadlifts Over Depression events to Scotland, Bournemouth and Yorkshire as well as hosting a flagship event in Cambridgeshire in June 2024 that promises to be bigger, and better than ever before.


This event is for anyone and everyone who wants to take part in raising money and awareness for mental health.
No, anyone is welcome at our Deadlifts Over Depression Events. We have qualified coaches who will coach and support you during each lift.
There are 5 stations at the event, each featuring a different lift. These are:

Event 1. Deadlift.
Event 2. Log Press.
Event 3. Sandbag over yoke.
Event 4. Front hold.
Event 5. Team deadlift.
You will spend 30-40 minutes at each station, whilst each member of your small group completes the lift, followed by a 15-minute break before moving onto the next station and lift.
When you sign up you will receive a form where you can indicate your current lifting ability, from this we’ll place you into groups of equal or similar ability. You’ll spend the day with your group supporting, motivating and lifting together.
Yes, you can bring your family and friends along to support you and what’s more, they’ll enter for free!