Saturday 11th May 2024—9am-4pm £40.00
Deadlifts Over Depression - Events - Strongman event - Charity event

About Yorkshire

Deadlifts Over Depression, Yorkshire.


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With four event stations that will be supported by qualified fitness professionals you can be a complete beginner or experienced lifter and these events will still challenge you.

This is NOT a competition. Deadlifts Over Depression events are mental health meets that gives people the opportunity to perform there best list to date with the support of qualified fitness professional and like minded people all around them.

Event stations are as follows:
Log Press.
Sandbag to shoulder.
Sled drag.

Then the show piece of the event, the team deadlift bar will conclude our day.

Finding us

BHF Priory Centre @ Priory Campus, Pontefract Road, Barnsley, UK