Deadlifts Over Depression

Two strongmen uniting to complete the team deadlift bar.

In this blog we will explain all thing’s Deadlifts Over Depression.

Deadlifts Over Depression, is strength community lead mental health awareness initiative that aims to normalise mental health conversations within gym settings but also raise awareness and funds for local mental health charities.

Where did it all begin?
The brand Deadlifts Over Depression was first created by Deadlifts Over Depression Founder and aspiring Strongman Danny Brumpton. After experiencing his own Mental Health Journey, Danny really wanted to give back to the services that saved his life. With the Deadlifts Over Depression T Shirts going far and wide, Danny has most certainly achieved that, with the original Deadlifts Over Depression T Shirt being worn by so many big names in the Strongman community who proudly have donned the Deadlifts Over Depression T Shirts to raise money and awareness for Mental Health Charities. Names as big as Tom Stoltman, Luke Stoltman, Lucy Underdown and Nicola Buchan to name a few. These t-shirts are totally non-for-profit with EVERY PENNY of profit going to local mental health charities.

Danny has raised an incredible amount of money for his local mental health charities, whilst also uniting the strength community. With every t shirt purchased, there is an opportunity for that t shirt to be worn in a gym. The more these t shirts are seen in the gym, the more we can normalise conversations around mental health.

You can buy your Deadlifts Over Depression merch here:

The Orange Deadlifts Over Depression Banner sitting proudly amongst weight plates at Deadlifts Over Depression, Cambridgeshire

What is Deadlifts Over Depression, The Events?
Deadlifts Over Depression, The Events are strength events designed to bring people together to not only raise awareness and money for mental health but also to showcase and sign post those who may be struggling with their mental health to charities or services that are available to support.

How did Deadlifts Over Depression, the event start?
Having been through my own mental health journey, that almost ended my life from feeling worthless, and selfish, I was inspired by the messaging behind the brand, and asked Danny whether he’d like turn the brand in to events. At the time Danny didn’t have the capacity within his home life to create the events giving me the opportunity to run my first ever event in May 2022 at ALFitness in Atherstone. From this one event I got such a buzz, but deep down I knew that we could do so much more, with a little more time and more focus.

In 2023, my wife and I sat down and mapped out a plan for Deadlifts Over Depression, Cambridgeshire. After months of planning and with the support of many fantastic sponsors we were able to raise 6 x more than in 2022 raising almost £3000 for CPSL Mind, from a one day event in our local village hall in Sawtry.

Incredible turnout at Deadlifts Over Depression, Cambridgeshire in June 2023. Strongman/woman community came together to raise almost £3000 for CPSL Mind.

What next for Deadlifts Over Depression, the events?
As I sit here today (January 2024), we are almost sold out for our first adventure north of the border as we take Deadlifts Over Depression on tour, and join professional Strongwoman Nicola Buchan at her fantastic gym in Peterhead, NBFitness on Sunday 31st March 2024!

We are also in conversations to take Deadlifts Over Depression to Yorkshire, Bournemouth and potentially Wales whilst also throwing another one in Cambridgeshire.

With the right support from hosting venues, local gyms and sports teams we are happy to take Deadlifts Over Depression to a town near year you.

Do I have to be a weightlifter to take part in Deadlifts Over Depression?
No. . . The events are hosted by qualified fitness coaches, and each station is manned by one or two fitness coaches, so no matter your ability we will help you enjoy the day and enjoy the atmosphere.

To hear from Buds Fitness Co-Owner and Deadlifts Over Depression Event Co-Ordinator speak about these events and what they mean with Dotty Mcleod of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire please listen to the below YouTube video.

How do I enter a Deadlifts Over Depression event?
Simply click the link below, find the location and enter.