Mindful May

At Buds Fitness, we care about more than just fitness as we understand that in life you need a holistic approach to fitness and your mind plays a vital part in this. As part of our e-commerce site we have some fantastic and affordable mindful products. We are very lucky to work with a truly thoughtful brand in Myga who many of the products within the blog are made by.

For the month of May we are offering a 14% off discount code. The discount code will be on all products, with the exception of combat sports, or boxing equipment and will be valid all the way through until Friday 31st May 2024.

Discount code:
m1ndful m4y

Mindful Bracelets:
What makes a bracelet so powerful?
All our bracelets come with a meaning. They come with a booklet that explains their special qualities and each time you look at it, feel it or need it you can look down and remember what it stands for.

Ahead of meetings, or important negotiations wearing a strength bracelet could be the reminder that you need, that you are strong. That you hold the inner strength.

We have sold these bracelets to all walks of life and one of the more touching purchases was from a lady who had recently lost her husband and was finding day to day a real challenge, she knew she needed the courage to carry on to keep going and make difficult decision. The lady in question puts the bracelet on first thing, and takes it off before bed meaning she starts and ends the day seeing her courage bracelet.

As our relationship with Myga started, the first of their products that really spoke to use were these bracelets. They come in beautiful wooden gift box that has a slide off lid, then inside the box itself you have a drawstring hessian bag which holds your bracelet plus a small booklet that tells you about the meaning behind your new bracelet. Within our range we stock, Awareness, Clarity, Courage and Strength. They retail at £8.99 but for May 2024, you can use our discount code for 14% off, and pay just £7.73!


Wellbeing Journal:
So many of us in the modern worlds spend so much time on our phone, tablet or other devices that the importance of hand written journals has increased. Often if you write something on your phone, tablet or device you it will not sink into your consciousness as much as it would if you’d hand written the exact same words into a physical journal.

At Buds Fitness we are now stocking both a Wellness, and a Mindful Journal.

Wellness Journal
SRP £5.99
14% off: £5.15


Mindful Journal
SRP £5.99
14% off: £5.15


Stay Hydrated with either the 1litre or 2litre water bottles by Phoenix Fitness.

Water Bottles:
It is well known and highly documented that drinking water will help your health, but did you know that staying hydrated is just as important for your mental health?
Your brain NEEDS water to function. Numerous studies have now shown that dehydration is linked to impaired cognitive function and memory. In order to stay hydrated you need to drink a minimum of 1.2 litres of water a day. On hotter days, or more active days it is recommended that you double this water in take to 2.5 litres plus per day!

We offer 2 litre bottles, that are ideal for ensuring that you have drunk more than you daily allowance. We also offer 1 litre bottles, as well as an insulated bottles 500ml water bottle which will keep your drink colder for longer.

2 litre:
SRP £10.99
14% off: £9.45


1 litre:
SRP £8.99
14% off: £7.73


500ml Insulated Bottle:
SRP £12.99
14% off: £11.17