Myga, Wellness Journal. Undated Weekly Tracker. Monitor and Improve Your Wellbeing


    • Daily And Weekly Tracking And Goal Setting
    • Hardback Suede Finish
    • 192 Pages

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This Wellness Well-Being Journal is a beautiful gift for that special person who may be struggling with daily motivation.

Whether you are lining up to compete in your first strongwoman or strongman competition. Whether you are training t0wards a personal best in the gym, or whether you are simply looking to Be The Best YOU, then this Wellness Journal is ideal for you.

No doubt their are apps a plenty that offer something similar, but nothing bring thoughts to reality more than a physical hand written, hard-copy of our thoughts. It is proven that often we do things on our phones almost subconsciously and our brains can not always differentiate the difference in importance from updating your social media status to adding a status update to a digital journal. Having yourself a physical hand written, hard-copy will enhance the importance. The fact that you have to physically flick through the pages and put pen to paper could be the step you, or that special person needs.

The Myga Wellness journal comes complete in a stunning beige suede hard back cover which will keep your thoughts safe on your travels.

This stunning wellbeing journal will allow you to log:
* Make A Note Of Your Daily Food Intake
* Make A Note Of Your Daily Water Intake
* Make A Note Of Your Daily Sleep
* Make A Note Of Your Daily Exercise

Then within the Week Summary you are able to log:
* Non Scale Victories
* How I am Feeling Physically and Mentally
* Achievements
* Challenges

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