Together We Lift

Together We Rise. Together We Are Stronger. Together We Lift!

At Buds Fitness, we have created our very own mental health brand in order to progress the work we are doing within the strength community to promote mental health through bringing people together.

Between May 2022 and May 2024 we ran our events under Danny Brumpton’s Deadlifts Over Depression brand. We were over the moon to have raised £7000 from our first four events, and to have been supported by some incredible athletes, coaches and business from the strength scene that helped us pull off theses events.

From June 2024 we will host our events under the name of Together We Lift. With our first event being hosted in our home county of Cambridgeshire, where last year we raised a massive £2889 for CPSL Mind.

What is the message behind Together We Lift?

Together We Lift has been designed specifically to bring people together. The events are far more than just a one day and done thing. They are designed to leave a legacy in the County that has hosted the event. A message that it is okay to talk, and that guess what Together We Are Stronger.

Who are Together We Lift events aimed at?

The events are aimed at people of all ages and ability. It is NOT just a strongman / strongwoman event. These events are designed to bring people together and as such we ensure that you are in a group of equal ability lifters.

As you enter, you are asked to complete a questionnaire that tells us your current levels. This means, if you are an experienced weight lifter that can deadlifts 200kg+ and can launch 100kg barbell overhead, you will NOT be in a group with complete beginners.

If you have never lifted before, or you just train at a traditional gym with limited equipment, then you will be in a group of people with the same level experience as you.

In order for these events to work, we do require a balance of experience and beginner lifters.

How do the events work?

  • As you arrive you will be given a coloured wristband, that indicated your group for the day, as mentioned these are grouped based on ability.
  • The venue is split into four sections.
  • Each section will include a unique strength event.
    (These event stations will change depending on event location, venue restrictions and the enlisted coaches.)
  • Each of the four event stations will be looked after by a local gym, or coach.
  • The coaches on these event stations will then work with you for between 40 – 50 minutes on the lift.
  • There will be a 15-20 minute break between each station for your to start warming yourself up for the next event station.
  • We then enjoy a fun raffle and an elongated break before turning our attention to the main event.

The ALFitness Team Deadlift Bar.

  • We then split into pairs (including the coaches) as we work together on to pull the heaviest team deadlift on the ALFitness Team Deadlift Bar which is a 9ft 47kg Solid Axle Bar.

How much does it cost to enter?
£40 per entry, with the cost of the entry you will get a FREE Event T shirt, Event Goodie Bag, as well as a full day of coaching from top end experienced coaches!

All profits from the events go directly to the local mental health charity of the host venue.

If you’d like to enter please see the link below: