TrustPilot Reviews

Having only launched the e-commerce side to our business in September 2023, we are delighted to have achieved more than 50 excellent TrustPilot reviews as we sit here today on the 1st July 2024.

As a small family business each order is picked and packed by hand the same day within our small stockroom which is something we are incredibly proud of.

We take great pride in ensuring we pack our orders securely to ensure we reduce the risk of damage in transit and we genuinely believe this has been instrumental to achieving our excellent TrustPilot Score from 50+ reviews.

Massive thank you to our Buds

To us, as a small family run business from Cambridgeshire it’s so rewarding to know that our brands and our products are finding their way to so many people, and we would like to thank everyone who has purchased from us so far, and say a further thank you to those who have taken their time to review our products and services too.

It is clear that a growing number of consumers use “social proof” to make their buying decisions, despite the fact that on average only 1 in 10 consumers leave reviews even after good-quality service. With that in mind we truly are incredibly grateful that we have received 50+ Excellent TrustPilot reviews within our first year of trading.

Our e-commerce journey

Ever since we created Buds Fitness we were keen on the message behind providing FITNESS FOR ALL. We knew that this wouldn’t be possible from our fitness studio set up, as only so many people can access this at any given time.

So why not use our extensive knowledge of fitness products and our hands on experience with brands products to help supply people throughout the UK with quality but afforbadle home fitness products!

Over the past ten months we have sponsored events, podiums and also set up our stall at local village events to help promote our shop. Within that process we have met so many wonderful people which has unquestionably helped us reach more customers than a traditional e-commerce site.

We have worked hard on an incredibly modest budget and continue to do so, we will not change the ethos behind what we do and continue to put our buds at the forefront of all we do by ensuring that we maintain our high level of service and continue to improve our content month in and month out.

Thank you once again to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far 🙂

Liam and Abbie
Buds Fitness