Playwell, 17″ Thumb-Loop Weightlifting Wrist Straps


    • 17″ Wrist Straps.
    • Construct From A Heavy Blend Of Cotton-Eglantine.
    • Thumb Loops Added For Additional Support Whilst Wrapping.
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Wrist Straps in strength sports are a no brainer.

Ideal for beginners, these 17″ long Wrist Straps will help you protect your wrist whilst progressing through the weights.

Specifically when doing movements such as cleans, and overhead press you will put a lot of load through your wrists as you get the bar into position and prevention is always better than cure.

Made from a heavy blend cotton-eglantine these wrist are stretch to 17″ whilst maintaining 3″ width to provide both support and comfort.

What Do Wrist Wraps Do?
In effect a wrist wrap is designed to distribute the weight across your wrist to avoid discomfort and reduce unwanted strain on your wrists. The primary purpose of wrist wraps is to provide added stability. This is crucial during heavy lifts such as overhead press, log press and bench pressing, a your wrists will be supporting a lot of weight.

Wrist wraps offer a level of support that can help prevent injuries and enhance overall performance but we would always recommend finding your level before using them. Over use or over reliance on wrist straps can mean you never develop the required wrist strength which could catch you out if you enter a competition where wrist wraps are not allowed.

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