Buds Fitness, Drawstring gym and swim bag


  • Durable drawstring carrier.
  • Re-inforced corners.
  • Water resistant fabric.
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The Buds Fitness drawstring gym and swim bag is both water resistant and exceptionally well built. You will not lay your bag down in the gym, and lose it again.

This is NOT a budget drawstring bag. This is durable, long lastng and water resistant.

The corners to these bags are reinforced with gunmetal eyelets making long lasting and more durable than most drawstring bags in the market.

We have used them to carry out 16oz RDX Boxing Gloves. We have used them to carry our childrens school books, and swimming kits (on seperate days obviously). They really are multi purppose.

Capacity: 11 litre.
45cm tall.
33xm wide.

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Blue, Orange


One size

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