Smug, Contoured Black Out Sleeping Mask. Flamingo Design


    • 100% Blackout design
    • Adjustable Lightweight
    • Lash protecting

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Recovery is key to exceptional performance.

A great nights sleep is the best way to provide sustainable recovery patterns, and with so many high end athletes making a point that recovery is king Buds Fitness are delighted to be working with Smug who are the number one when it comes to investing in rest.

The Smug Contoured Black Out Sleeping Mask is 100% black out. With it’s concave design and unique 3D Eye Design these sleeping masks well ensure you feel rejuvenated when you rise in the morning.

Did you know that the area immediate around our eyes are in fact amongst the most sensitive of skin on your face? This means that an eye mask can do more than just improve our sleep.

How can a Smug Eye Mask benefit the area around my eyes?
A Smug Sleeping Eye Mask can not only help you sleep better but can help reduce skin fatigue around the eye area including wrinkles, circles and puffiness.

How can a Smug Sleeping Eye Mask help reduce skin fatigue around my eyes?
Whether you notice you do it or not, when taking a power naps, or sleeping in a room with natural light we will subconsciously skint or force our eyes shut. Forcing our eyes shut will produce faint lines around the eyes. By wearing a Smug Sleeping Eye Mask you will experience 100% black out from any unwanted light meaning you will no longer have to force your eyes shut.

What makes a contoured 3D Blackout sleeping make better than a cheap £2 eye mask?
It is often said that you get what you pay for and this certainly is the case with eye masks. Sure you can peak up a cheap one but the material used will be much thinner, reducing the amount of light that can be blocked. The 3D element truly can not be replicated by cheaper alternatives and this in itself is a key selling feature.

The contoured 3D design allows space around the eye areas to prevent disturbance from friction caused by rapid eye movement. Not only will this allow you to sleep easier but it will also protect your eye lashes.

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