Atherstone - Here Come The Girls, 1

Sunday 7th April 2024—10am-4pm £40.00
Here come the girls - Atherstone. 7th April

About Atherstone - Here Come The Girls, 1

This is event 1 of 3 in the Here Comes the Girls, Strength League. You can chose to enter all three for £90, or £40 to compete in the one event.

Here Comes The Girls – 1 is hosted by ALFitness, Sunday 7th April.

Events on the day

Here is is leg 1 of 3

All entries must be made through

Huge discount if you enter all 3 in advance.

Categories are…

Over 73s

Masters must be 40 or over at the time of competition and u73s can have 24hr weigh ins in person at any of the 3 locations.
(From 9am on the Saturdays)
Masters expect to do similar weights to the u73s, sometimes lighter/heavier or the same depending on the event.

Event 1 – Log for reps (60s)

3 reps on the log, then what ever time remains as many reps as possible on the circus dumbbell.
Novice – 40kg log
Masters- 47.5kg log
Under 73s – 50kg log
Over 73s – 55kg log

Any logs 50kg & over are 13inch

Under 50 they will be 10inch.

Event 2 – Elevated axle deadlift (13 inch)(60s)

Novice -100kg
Masters- 130kg
Under 73s. – 130kg
Over 73s – 150kg

Event 3 – Sandbag Steeplechase

2 sandbags
Carry the first 10m and place over a 4ft yoke, then the second.
Then run around the yoke and pick up the first bag, carry a further 10m and over a second yoke, then the other bag again.
Fastest time wins, split times given.

Novice – 40kg/50kg bag
Masters- 50kg/60kg bag
Under 73s. – 50kg/60kg bag
Over 73s – 60kg/70kg bag

Event 4 – Fatback Farmers

Carry farmers handles 10m. Do 3 pick ups and then carry a further 10m.

Novice – 50kg per hand.
Masters- 60kg per hand.
Under 73s – 60kg per hand.
Over 73s – 70kg per hand.

Event 5 – Powerstairs!

Duck walk in the implement 10m and take up 3 steps, go for a second implement and go up 3 steps. (6 steps total)
Novice – 60kg/60kg
Masters 80kg/90KG
Under 73kg – 80kg/90KG
Over 73kg – 90KG/100kg

The more dates you do the higher up the league you will place.
Giant trophy for league winners
Trophies and prizes for on the day winners.

Entry to the individual event is £40
Entry to the Strength League is £90, for all three events. £30 SAVING To enter all three.

Finding us

Leather mill Lane, Right of Wy, Nuneaton CV10 0RX, UK