Summer Holiday Fitness Ideas

Fun Fitness Ideas for during the summer holidays.

As a mother and father of three, we know all too well how hard it can be to get children active and motivated through the summer holidays, so below are just a few of our top five product to get your little ones active this summer.

  1. Exercise Dice
    Available in three different colourways and providing 36 different potential outcomes. Exercise dice can be a fun way to get your little ones moving.
    The dice allows it to be entirely up to luck, whether they are doing 90 seconds of press ups or 10 reps of sit ups. If you have more than one child it is always good to get the siblings to roll for one another so that it feels like fat is in the siblings hands.

    SRP £9.99

  2. Skipping Rope
    An exercise older than time itself. Well not quite, but certainly if you look through time boxers, ballerinas, track runners and rugby players a like all had a skipping rope.
    Skipping ropes not only improve your child’s cardio but it will also develop co-ordination, balance, timing and rhythm which are fantastic skills to have in their tool box.

    SRP. £7.99

  3. Yoga Jenga
    The game of Jenga (AKA. Tumbling Tower) is a traditional game that develops patience, strategy, and a steady hand. This Yoga Jenga set made by Myga takes the game to an all new level of fun.
    Once you remove the brick, you must complete the yoga pose that is on the brick. This means sometimes the easiest brick to remove may not be the best brick to remove. With 60 brick in total, this is bound to keep your children entertained this summer.

    SRP. £11.99

  4. Aerobic Stepper
    An aerobic stepper, though not intentionally designed with children in mind. An aerobic stepper can be a very versatile tool that can help get your child’s heart rate up, and get their step count up without the need for the money or space for a fancy treadmill. With the variable heights available your child may start on one level but then improve over the summer holiday’s to the next.
    Can be used for fast pace steps ups. Splits Squats. Raised Glute Bridges. Dips and even incline push ups.

    SRP. £26.99

  5. RDX Junior Boxing Gloves
    They don’t have to want to be the next Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury to get a pair of boxing gloves on. Teaching your child the art of pads work or bag work can be a great way to develop their confidence, their stamina and their hand eye co-ordination.

    Confused about what size boxing gloves your child requires? This will depend on the weight of the child. A rough guide would be:
    4oz = 19-28kg (Age 4 – 9)
    6oz = 28-37kg (Age 9 – 12)

    SRP: £21.99

Blog written by Buds Fitness Co-Owner Liam Baker. 22nd July 2024